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speaker wire running

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Just starting to run speaker wire for my room.

Question 1: On the walls that only one side will be sheetrocked (ie. exterior walls), can the speaker wire be run on the inside of the 2x4's instead on having to drill holes through each stud? Its the way my electrician ran the electrical wiring.

Question 2: Is there any harm in running the speaker wire in a bundle (3 12 awg wires and 2 RG59 coax cables for subwoofers)?

Thanks for any help, Mark
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Q1: Yes, that should be fine as long as you can ensure that the wires don't get pinched or damaged.

Q2: No problem there as all signals would be the same type. You wouldn't mix electrical AC wire and speaker wire in the same bundle for example, because this would be prone to intereference and cross-talk.

~ hemster
There's plenty of room behind the walls to run the wires, so nothing should get pinched. Thanks for the help.
Would that pass inspection, though? I would think that running in-wall wires outside of the studs would not pass inspection (because it's always possible the other side might get drywall later) but I wouldn't know. I mean, even the wires in my parents' attic going to various fans and other ceiling-mounted fixtures have their wires running through holes in the joists, not just laying across the tops of the joists.
My one question is the other side of the wall a room or is it dead space, that should answer your inspection question. Behind the stud should be fine if their is no chance of another room on the other side, such as a knee wall in an attic.
Inspectors are pretty forgiving in regard to low voltage wiring unless you do something blatantly unsafe. Use a jacketed cable that carries an NEC class 2 or 3 (CL-2 or CL-3) rating and terminate using boxes or P-rings, and appropriate wall plates for your connections when going from wall cavities to room.

Follow this and your inspection will be painless.

Besides, the electrician ran the power between the wall and the framing, and he WILL be scrutinized.

In regard to your other question, speaker wires is not as succeptiple to noise ingress as low level cables. (this includes line level audio as well as any type of video) That said, it is still a good practice to keep low voltage cabling of any type away from your AC lines when running parallel, and cross at a right angle when it's necessary.
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