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Speaker wiring Question need help tonight

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My Builder just finished wiring my basement with 14 gauge speaker wire but he did not leave enough room out of the wall to connect them receiver (he left about 8in) or for the surrounds so we can move them on stands. I guess he is thinking about putting them in a wall plate and run and then connect it to the plate. So it goes out from the receiver to a wall plate, then through the ceiling to a wall plate, then out to the speaker. So its like three separate wires going to the speakers.

Is there any reason why I should not use wall plates? Is there any wall plates that are the best to use?

The sub and L/C/R are not in wall. Surround R/L and Surround Rears R/L are in one outlet box, and Zone 2/3 in another box so each outlet will have 4 speakers connected to it.

I was originally thinking just running the wire from the receiver to the speaker and have the wire just hanging out of the wall. Wall plates will make it look nicer.
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Installing wall plate will look a whole lot better. I haven't read much problem using interconnects when it's properly connected with quality materials. no need for monster cable price of course.

www.partsexpress.com and www.monoprice.com will be ideal places to find necessary parts and inexpensive too.

however, do you plan on mounting the surrounds over the wire outlet hole? Is the speaker big enough to cover the whole installer made? if that's the case then wallplate won't be necessary, just patch up the hole wiht some putty/caulk if it's not too big. that'll just be your personal preference.

You could do without using interconnects once the wall plates are up, bare wire would do. just make sure non of the wires are crosses when putting it all together.
I was just worried that wall plates would adversely affect the sound, the walls and ceiling are not up yet he just put the wires in boxes that could have a plate over it.

I think there is enough wire to do the Zone 2/3 and Surround Rears. But unless I have him rewire it the Surrounds is not long enough without using a connector or wall plate and everything going to the receiver will also have to use a connector or wall plate.

The speaker wire is yellow so I would have had to paint it black when it came out of the wall which I still can do if I ask him to leave me enough for the other speakers or I could find 100ft 14 gauge wire in black.

I never even thought of wall plates, I forgot they even existed. If the builder planned on using wall plates it is included in the estimate for the basement.
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I was just worried that wall plates would adversely affect the sound

I have my surrounds connected to a wall plate. They are just fine. Besides, the amount of information being reproduced by the surrounds is miniscule as compared to the L/C/R. Except on a music SACD.... but I bet you still don't hear a difference using a wall plate with good quality binding posts like those from PE.
you can also run a extra RCA wire for rear subwoofer placement 'option'. not that necessary but doesn't hurt if nothing's boarded up yet.

I don't' believe extra wallplate/connector will affect anything unless it's poorly made... stick with 14guage external wires to match the inwall runs.

have you looked at the plates for receiver end? verify if it's 2 gang or 3 gang electrial box that the wires our coming out from. PE sells 5.1 (2 gang) and 7.1 (3 gang) wall plates, part # 300-616 and 300-618.
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