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I wanted to get some opinions on the following Speakercraft 5.1 set-up to be used mainly for Home Theater.


The CONSTRAINTS are as follows.

1.  In-wall speakers

2.  Rear channels must be in-celling

3.  Full A/V budget 4k (5 speakers, sub, receiver, power source)

4.  Room is 11.5' x 15'.  The tv to seating area is 11'.


I would appreciate your opinion on the following speakers:


2 Speakercraft AIM Cinema Five In-Wall Speakers for LR

2 Speakercraft AIM8 Five In Ceiling Speakers


Question:  Should I use another AIM Cinema Five for the center channel or an AIM LCR 5 for the center channel?


Thank you in advance for you opinion.
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