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speakers and amp under 25k

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    I am newbie.I want to buy speakers for my home for religious purpose under 25k.There are 4 rooms in my house and i wanna configure 2 speakers in each room.Home theatre speakers are cheap from this but they work good in single room.so please suggest me which type of speaker and power amp is good for me coz my budget is too low.

please reply me asap.

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Ok I'm lost you said under 25k but then you said your budget is too low? So what is 25k??? I'm assuming it can NOT be $25,000 USD cuz if it is you have a huge budget.
Sorry I forget to tell u I am from India and 25k in inr ($400)
Another question. Do you want the speakers in every room to play the same sound? And do you want them all to be able to play at the same time but also be able to shut off a given room?
Yeah want to play same sound in every room and its good if I can shutoff any speaker.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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