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Speakers broken?

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I have a set of 6.1 sony speakers (no sub-woofer) left by the previous owners. I hooked them up to the receiver and there was no sound at all. When I measured the impedance with a ohmmeter, the readings were 20-30 mega-ohms for all of them. Are these speakers broken?

Thanks for your help.
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are there any model numbers for speakers or the receiver?
That speakers are from Sony HT-9900M system and the receiver is Yamaha RX-V567.
They could be blown but they're not very good speakers anyway. The center and surrounds use small full range drivers and the fronts have a single 3.5" driver and 1" tweeter. Not a fan of full range drivers.

You could do much better for not a lot of money. If you're looking for a small sub/sat set look at one of these.

Jamo A340PDD.3, $199

Polk RM6750, $199

Boston Acoustics CS2310b, $249
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Thanks a lot.

The links you listed were 5.1. What shall I do with the rear center speaker? With a budget of $300-$500, what is your suggestion? Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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