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Speakers for 5.1 hybrid tube amp

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Hello everyone. Im new to posting on these forums so I cant post links etc. But im still hoping I can get some help.

I want to do something a little different with my HT and SACD. I am looking to purchase a 5.1 hybrid tube amp (Dared DV-6C).

It is 45wpc @ 8 ohms or 65wpc @ 4 ohms. Source is an Oppo BDP-83. I don't have alot of room on the main wall due to a huge entertainment center and my very large stereo speakers for my 2-channel setup.

So my quest has been to find the speakers I want to use with this amp. I assume I would want higher sensitivity (90+?). The problem is that im probably wanting a bookshelf sized speaker.

Now for the other problem, budget. Im wanting to stay 250 or less for a pair of speakers if possible. Maybe 300 if really worth it.

So far my considerations are HSU Research or klipsch mainly. I've also considered running a dedicated pre-pro for digital decoding and bass management and maybe something like a single driver, full range DIY speaker.

Could anybody shed some knowledgeable insight on what I should at least be looking for in terms of specs etc.? Also, any suggestions on brands/ models would be amazing as well.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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