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speakers for classical music

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I'm in the market for a 2.0/2.1 set up for 99% classical music, everything from intimate string quartets, to pipe organ, to Wagner opera. I currently have a pair of Klipsch Synergy F3s which are OK for movies but I really dont like them for music. I usually listen to classical music on Sennheiser headphones instead. I'm also on a budget but somewhat flexible. After doing some reading on here I have my eye on the Swan 6.1s in black cherry from Oz for $849/pair. Can anyone making a suggestion for something in that price range?
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I just ordered the 6.1s for 2 channel music as well. But I don't know how deep into bass the pipe organs you listen to go. I suspect you'll need a sub to really get the full range there. If that's the case then I'd go for some good monitors in the 1k range like the Swan 2.1SE or the PSB G-1.
Yeah, I'll agree with critter. You might want to call Jon Lane at TAI and have a conversation with him. I haven't heard the 6.1s though my 5.2s are outstanding. However, if you're looking for the ultimate in resolution, transparency, detail and soundstage for really critical classical listening, you might be happier with something like the D2.1SE or the Ascend Sierras with a good little musical sub for those lowest organ notes. I'd suggest you ask Jon about his Dana subs or even his Acculine sub, they're both supposed to be really musical. It'll put you a bit over your budget but you can always add the sub later. (And the D2.1SE really isn't even in stock yet anyway.)

I'd recommend the Dana 930s for you except they're about 50% over your budget. Tell ya what though, you want an awesome full-range set of monitors with a stunning sound, they're worth saving up for. You'll only miss the sub on the lowest notes.

(Disclaimer: I haven't heard the Sierras, and I did briefly have a pair of D2.1SEs but they turned out to have an early production run defect of some sort so I sent them back to Jon. I do have the Dana 930s now and will be posting a detailed review soon, at least as soon as I can drag myself away from them long enough to type it.
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Where do you get the 930s? They're not on TAI site.

Originally Posted by tonygeno /forum/post/11693472

Where do you get the 930s? They're not on TAI site.

Wouldn't you like to know? (We need an evil grin emoticon

Actually, just call Jon Lane, he might still have a few pairs in stock. He said he's got so little stock, he didn't put them on the site yet because he's kinda selling them by special request, and probably won't have real stock in for a bit yet.
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How much are they and what is the driver configuration?
Are the swans or danas magnetically shielded?
Swan D2.1SE are shielded. Not sure about Dana 930; most Danas are shielded but the manual for the 930s doesn't say so ask Jon.

And Jon can give you much better info about the driver config. Dana 930 does exclusively use custom ScanSpeak drivers for both midwoof and tweeter. Pricing is, I believe, $1599/pair, but I recall reading (possibly on TAI's forum) that once into production, pricing may go up to $1750 or more.

He's quite easy to talk to so why not call or email him? He's got way more info than I do.
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