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I`m going to ask something different. I don`t want you to tell me which speaker to buy, just your opinions what kind of things money can give you when choosing speakers for homecinema. Movie use only.

I give you five six price classes. Which you think gives most for the normal not golden ear guy for the speakers? And when we go up the price, where does it stop to not sounding so much better with movies? Differences comes smaller and you have to put so much more money on the table.

From cheapest... I put here some very good speakers from different price classes. 5 star speakers at many reviews that many should know.

~300€ : Q Acoustics 2020i / Monitor Audio BX2

~600€: B&W 685 S2 / SVS Prime Bookshelf piano black

~1000€: KEF LS50 /R series

~1400€: MK Sound LCR950 (this is special, as MK:s are towared more for movies, little bit ugly tho :D)

~1850 €: Monitor Audio Gold 100

~4600€: Monitor Audio Platinum 100

Surely in music you will find the differences more easily i would guess, but how about if someone builds hometheater from example MA Gold line? In my mind they are made for music more, to sound amazing. But then i hear the saying; if it sounds good with music, it will sound good with movies. But are you paying too much for the looks?

I haven`t heard the expensive speakers really, so this is just in my mind what i always thinked.. There is other aspects too. Some speakers may sound better with music and are just too laid back for movies if you know what i mean. There should be more reviews for movie use with speakers. Especially which manufacturer`s center speaker is really good. Is the Kef`s Uni-Q coaxial superb in movies over the normal style etc. What do you get with MK Sound tailored with movies vs. normal speakers? Many questions..

Thanks for your opinion and hope you did get what i meant by all this! There is going to be subwoofer, so bass wise don`t overthink these speakers. 5.1 system.
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