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Hello All,


Following is my current setup and looking to upgrade my AV system.


TV : Samsung 46F8000

AV : Sony RV 888-D Hi-Fi system (7 years old and its 5.1)

Satellite Box : TataSky HD+

Blu-Ray Player : Pioneer BDP-450


Initial plan was to go for a full 5.1 upgrade, but after reviews and understanding different setup's on this forum, I would like to go for a gradual upgrade. Current thinking only about 2 Channel or 2.1 setup.


My usage will be 60% TV/Movie and rest for Music.


Living Room is as shown below, It's 20Ft by 13Ft with 2 Windows and 3 outlets (Main Door, To Bed Rooms and Open DIning & Kitchen)



Actual image taken using mobile Phone:



Following is the setup which I'm looking at:


AVR : Denon X-2000 (inclined towards this because of reviews, looks, simplicity and Future proof)


Speakers for 2.0 Setup:

  1. KEF Q500

  2. Polk RTi A7

  3. Polk TSx550T

  4. Polk TSx440T


Speakers for 2.1 Setup:

  1. KEF Q500 + Q400b

  2. Polk RTi A7 + DSW Pro 550

  3. Polk TSx550T + DSW Pro 550

  4. Polk TSx440T + DSW Pro 550


My view is to go for the same brand of speakers when I upgrade from 2.0 to 3.1 to 5.1 to 7.1. Your view pl.....


Following are my questions:


1. Your views on the above setup?

2. Is gradual upgrade a better option?

3. What type of setup will ideally good for my Living Room.

4. Is 2.0 or 2.1? Which one is better

5. Any other suggestions on AVR or Speakers with an initial budget of 2000$






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Hello All,


After further reviews, finalized on following options.


AVR : Marantz SR5008 or Denon X-2000


5.1 Setup:


1. KEF Q700 for Fronts + KEF Q600c for Center + KEF Q300 for surround + KEF Q400b sub

2. KEF Q500 for Fronts + KEF Q200c for Center + KEF Q300 for surround + KEF Q400b sub

3. Polk RTi A7 for Fronts + Polk CSi A6 for Center + Polk RTi A3 for Surround + Polk DSW PRO 660/550 Sub


With the above options what is the ideal AVR + 5.1 setup for  Movies/Music which is 60/40 and a living room of 13 (W) * 20 (L) * 12 (H).


Also, I would like to go with same brand of speakers for Front, Center & Surround. And open to other Sub options.


Experts, pl share your views pl.



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