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Rookie HT player here.

My room is 13.5w x 16.5l x 7.5h. (5.1 or 7.1 are desired.) Music is least of concern(10%). Mostly movies(50%) and gaming(40%).

My friend has upgraded his HT system and has offered me his THX receiver from the Onkyo 990THX HTIB kit for $150. Receiver is an HT-R940.

Should I just consider looking at a different receiver or is this a decent unit? It has THX, but nothing HDMI. My TV has an HDMI input, and some of the devices have HDMI out.

If I do get the R940 receiver is it worth trying to set up a good system with some HT speaker sets such as the Onkyo SKS-HT750, SKS HT540 or Harmon Kardon HKTS-11/18 or other sets in that range? I do not know if they will suffice for the THX capabilities or not. Or should I even care?

Would it be better to pair with the Polk RM85 or RM95 set and a sub, or a Klipsch Quintet SL set and sub?

It seems to be an inexpensive receiver, so I don't want to waste money on speakers if it won't handle them.

I am just getting the HT bug, so I may consider starting from scratch as well if this R940 receiver is a dog. Been looking at the Onkyo 606 as an option, but saw issues with the PS3 buzzing.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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