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Recently, I purchased the Sony STR-DN840. I wanted to get a receiver from Costco and this was the only one they had. After using it for a few weeks, I ended up returning it.

I should have researched this model better, because everything people said ended up happening. Aside from the interface looking like MS-DOS, the passthrough didn't work properly. After watching a DVD and switching to cable, the audio passes through but the video does not. Even after turning the receiver on/off, it would intermittently work.

I now need to buy a new receiver and need suggestions. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but I need the passthrough to work ALL the time. Here's my setup:

• Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch
• Polk Audio RC85i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers (Left & Right)
• Yamaha NSIW960 2-Way Speaker (Center)
• Infinity Sub
• Current inputs: Cable Box, Apple TV & Samsung BluRay Player

I'm going to add the center channel just under the mantle, and the remaining surround speakers I'll add later. Here are the options I'm need:

• HDMI (v2.0) Passthrough - I need all HDMI sources to go through the receiver even when it's not powered on (but in Standby mode). This is the single most important feature!
• HDMI ARC & CEC - sounds good but does it actually work right?
• Wifi and Airplay (apple household). Bluetooth would be nice too
• A nice, simple GUI/menu that's intuitive and easy to use (must have an App Remote)
• 5.1 surround, but 7.2 would be nice for the future
• Powerful enough to accommodate my speakers
• Other features I may need in future (I don't but receivers often)

• Multiple Zones
• 2 HDMI outputs
• 7.2

My budget is $300-$400. I'm not sure if this is possible, but please let me know your suggestions. I'm looking to order in the next day or so.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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