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Hello all...

I am a total noob at home audio but I am learning quickly...

I just picked up my first receiver yesterday and had some questions about speaker options for anyone willing to help...

My Set up:

Onkyo 606

Sony KDF-E42A10



Currently I am using two hand-me-down Optimus STS-600 6.5" Two way tower speakers(probably purchased at Radio Shack *don't laugh*)

I intend in a year or so to purchase a full 5.1 speaker set that will do my receiver justice but for the time being, money is tight and I need something to get by with..

So my question(s) is/are:

can I use some old stereo shelf speakers and add them to my setup now as surrounds or center?

can(should) I use my 10" car sub as my sub for now?

Any suggestions on a cheap set of speakers that I should consider purchasing to hold me over?

Any suggestions on tweaking my Onkyo to produce the best output for my current set up?

That's all, that's it...

*when you stop laughing at me and compose yourself... I'm welcome to all suggestions... lol.. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Depends on what your budget is for your current set up and your future set up. If your future set up is under $1k for a 5.1 then I say you might be better off to hold on buying anything now because a cheap set of speakers still going to range in the $300 and that is still $300 you'll be short off when you buy your "real set". I rather listen to crappy free crappy speaker and suffer now than be down on money later on for my real set.

My friends have done what you suggested by getting any speakers they can and using car subs but I am not sure you want to use the car sub though.

This is what I would do: Another option you can go is start with the bookshelf or a certain model that is really good and buy them. Use them until you can add more. Once you add more, you can move these to the back or surround. That way, you are not wasting money, repurchasing again. If this is the way you want to go, there are plenty of options you can go with this both B&M or ID.

Anyways, some of the cheapest entry level speakers will be Polk R series when on sale at half price (which is often on frys and amazon).

Infinity goes on sale often too at frys.

Fluance $300 for a 5.0



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Thanks calnbs for the quick response.

I feel much better knowing that other people (like your friends) are/were in the same situation as I am...

My budget for future purchase will be around $600 and I really don't want to spend more than $250 to $300 right now.

Your suggestion of sticking with the crappy sound now and saving money for later sounds right up my ally. I was just unsure if I could use the old shelf speakers as rear and or center for the time being. I will definitly try it out now though.

Thanks for your help.
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