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So my brother-in-law needs help building his home theater for their bonus room. Recently I installed my first HT with help from you guys and am pretty happy for the budget I had. His budget is more than mine so I need something more for them to deliver the best bang for the buck.

Room size: 19'x17'x10' (room is open to stairs and rest of upper floor)

Primary use: 80% Movies/Gaming , 20% music (iPod connection would be nice)

Appearance: Looks matter (for WAF)

Budget: $2500 (+10-15% if needed)

Please give your recommendations for the AVR and speakers to fit the budget. Looking forward to your suggestions and appreciate the help.

Thank you!

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My room pretty much same size and I recently built a really good HT system for $1100. All Prices are shipped.

Yamaha RX-V765 $400 from NewEgg

Klipsch B3 fronts $180 from Vanns

Klipsch C1 center $100 from Vanns

Klipsch S1 surrounds $149 from Vanns

Bic Acoustech PL-200 $296 from Sound Distributors (havent received yet, its on the way)

About half the budget you mention and it rocks. With a little more money you could have the C3 center and S2 surrounds and a better sub and still be under budget.

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For $2500 + +-10/15% + WAF

@ Vanns no tax and free shipping.

Option 1:

4 Klipsch XF48 Towers (good WAF) = $399 ea. ($1249.99 ea. orig.)

1 Klipsch XL23 Center (good WAF) = $299 ea. ($499.88 ea. org.)

Total = $1900 w/o sub or receiver.


Option 2:

2 Klipsch XF48 + 3 Klipsch XL3 + Klipsch XW-500D SUB = $2199.98

The XF48 has built-in power sub with frequency response: 40Hz - 23kHz +/-3dB and low bass extension down to 33Hz.

IMO, I prefer Option 1. Those 4 towers rock.

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Thanks for the recommendation.

I got the Energy TC speakers and really like them a lot. I am thinking about going for the bigger Energy speakers for them. How are the Energy Tower speakers for this size of room (CF-30 model)? Would they be big enough for this size room. Also for subwoofer how would HSU VTF-3 MK3 perform? I read really good reviews for it online.

So I am thinking:

Front CF-30 x2 (tower)

surround CB-20 x2 (bookshelf)

Center RC-LCR or CC-10 (not sure paying double for RC-LCR would matter or just go for cheaper CC-10 for center???)

Sub: HSU VTF-3 MK3

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-9040TXH

Total is about $2500 within budget.

What do you guys think? Is that a good combination?
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