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Hello everybody,

I need a speaker set for my computer. They will be either connected to a X-Fi Xtreme Music soundcard or my AudioGD DAC / AMP (Compass).

The distance between me and the speakers will be 3,5 m. The room is about 17 m^2. So, all in all, I believe a 2.1 system would be my best bet. The satellites are going to be on two different (crowded) desks and need to be be fairly small: width and depth < 17 cm, height < 30 cm. I will use the speakers mainly for movies.

I would like to keep costs under 250 EUR (without the sub).

There are two options now:

1) Audioengine A2+ or similar

2) Lepai Amp (or similar) + passive speaker (Dali Zensor 1)

Which option would yield the best quality given the price constraints?


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