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Speakers to buy?

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I am currently looking at buying a set of 5.1 speakers to be driven by a Harman Kardon AVR 635 (I haven't bought the receiver yet, so that could be changed as well)

Right now I am looking at the following 5.1 setup using Polk speakers

Fronts: RTi8

Center: CSi5

Surrounds: FXi3

Sub: PSW404 (room size 13x17)

This setup puts me right in the price range I want to spend on speakers but I was wondering if anybody had any input on pieces that maybe should be replaced with other ones....For instance, I've read things on the forum that Polk subs sometimes leave something to be desired, should I consider investing in the PSW505 or some other sub? Also, would the RTi4's work just as well as surrounds as the FXi3's do? (I kind of like the Cherry finish and the FXi3s are not sold in Cherry)

Thanks in advance for your input!
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I think you picked some of Polks nicer speakers. Some people would go for floor standers with larger drivers, but the review I saw said they go down to 40 hz which is really good and the smaller driver should result in tighter bass and mids. As far as the sub goes, you really need to consider your room size more than a brand.
The room size is 13x17. (Added to original post as well)
Well, the sub should be big enough to do the job. Your room isn't really that big. As far as subs go, I find this is the most difficult thing to decide upon. Some subs are better for music, and others are better for movies. You need to decide for yourself. Personally, I would go with an 8" sub for that room size, but I like things that blend into a room and are not a focus when it comes to speakers. I'm sort of the anti-Steve Callas :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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