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Speakers to match?

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So right up front let me just admit that I am probably not the most astute audiophile, so don't pick on me! :)

My home theater needs have up to this point been met by a Sony receiver with Boss Accoustimas speakers.

Well times have changed and I have outgrown that receiver, and am in the market for a new one. I'm leaning toward the Harman Kardon DPR2005. I've been satisfied with HK's performance with auto audio installations, the equipment seems well made and stylish, and lord knows this receiver has plenty of inputs for me.

Now my problem is I have no idea where to go for quality speakers that will work with this receiver; being a long time Bose customer. I am going to have to break the mold now though, because all 8 speakers plug directly into this receiver... and the Bose Accoustimas system has the satellite speakers plugging into the woofer.


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Don't take this the wrong way, but if you're not the most astute audiophile, why are you spending so much on a receiver? It doesn't seem like you've listened to it.

Your best bet is to find some specialty shops around and go shopping for a receiver & speakers together. By specialty, I mean something fancier than Best Buy or CC.

Your receiver pick is excellent, that is a solid choice and will be a big improvement over what you have. I absolutely agree with trojanhorse, your speaker purchase is a far more difficult choice. TAKE the time to audition as many as you can. Enjoy...
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