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I've found these speakers that I'm interested in getting for my home theater set-up:

www.htd.com/Products/level-two-speakers/Level-TWO-Bookshelf-Speakers "]

(sorry, you have to copy and paste, because I am not allowed to post urls until I have at least 3 posts).

Only problem is the size. They are 11.9" tall, which will just barely fit in my entertainment center cabinet. The entertainment center has doors which would completely hide the speakers, and the doors have speaker grill foam built in to them so that you can close the doors and not obstruct the speakers.

However, the speakers are 7.2" wide by 11.9" tall, but the cabinet door speaker grills are 14" wide by 8" tall. This means, I would either have to obstruct part of the spears, or turn them sideways.

If neither of those is ideal, I have room to put towers (or build stands for these speakers) on the the outside of the entertainment center. I was just hoping to be able to utilize the features of the entertainment center and keep everything looking nice and clean.

I am a complete newb with this stuff, so I'd appreciate anyone's insight.
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