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Hello everyone, I was hoping some of you might give me some ideas for my new 160sqft bathroom. We're totally remodeling it this summer, and I'd like to put in at least 4 speakers recessed in the ceiling and/or walls. I'd also like (possibly in-wall) a receiver, but not in the traditional sense. Really more of an amp, that is bluetooth compatible, with a volume control and 1/8" input jack.

I was thinking possibly a Clarion M502 marine radio, but FM support isn't really necessary since I'd really just be using it for bluetooth support. So I guess what i'm looking for is a bluetooth receiver that has a usb & 1/8" input jack on it. Then a volume knob that I can put on the wall to control it. an IR or RF remote would be a plus too.

Everything will need to be water proof/resistant, so i'm looking at mainly marine-grade stuff. I was even looking at a small sub to put under the shower bench. Any ideas, no matter how crazy will be appreciated!


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