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AVS Members:

Please remember that AVS Forum is a place for people to talk about Home Theater and how to better it. It is where people come for advise on how they can get the best of what they own and to learn more about this hobby we love. People new to Home Theater also come to AVS Forum to receive advise on how to setup a theater and what may work for them in their home. we have professionals for all walks of life both seeking help and giving it freely.

What makes AVS Forum work so well? Well we try very hard to keep marketing posts and pricing off the site for this is not what we want AVS Forum to be. If we allowed it, it would quickly happen and AVS Forum would not be attractive to members looking to get help from others with the same passion.

With that said...I would like to add some rules in this forum area that seem to be needed due to past issues....SO PLEASE...

1) Do Not post pricing you found on-line or at a local dealer.

2) Do Not ask for, or offer, a receipt so people can price match.

3) Do Not say to "Call John Smith at ..." (you know what I mean)

4) Do Not put down someone else's choice in their purchase.

Posts falling into the above mentioned items, as well as the main site rules, can and will be removed without notice. As you are well aware, we can not see all posts that are made and thus that is where the REPORT THIS POST option comes into play. Some posts may stand as you know after review, but please try to help put to keep AVS Forum clean of marketing. A member that continues down the same line of posting where his/her posts needed to be removed can be removed from the site.

I hope you can respect what we are asking, for our mission at AVS Forum is not how to get the best price, but how to achieve the best out of the gear you own or are looking to own.

Thank you kindly.
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