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I have spent a far amount of time reading and researching around in AVS speaker threads.

I've inquired as to opinions and suggestions about a 5.1 system in the $750-$1500 range.

You can all probably name all the brands/sites mentioned.

B&W, Klipsch, **********, Ascends, NHT's, HTD's, Bic, Axiom, SVS...

I do have size and location issues.

My main problem is that I do 90% of my AVSforum reading during work. That in itself is not a problem. The problem is I am Blocked from almost every other website I need for research.

So when I get all my paperwork out to compare and try to decide, I realize I don't have the dimensions for most of the speakers.

I was wondering if there is a chart/thread/website that list the dimensions or have side by side comparisons.

If there is a particular site, I could print it at home, and bring to work to study.

I really do try to do some of this at home, but circumstances put a serious limit on what I can accomplish.

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