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Speed it up?

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Hi folks,

I have a 70 hr and a 35 hr UTV. If I upgrade the HD, will it speed up? We love'em and don't wanna upgrade, but they have been SLOW lately. Slow to FF, slow to Play after FFing, slow to show My Shows, etc.

Any advice?

Devoted to UTV since 2001,

Jesse :)
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Have you "rebooted" the UTV recently?

UTV code 12357 will do this nicely. This won't delete your MY SHOWS or Upcoming Recordings...

I'd suggest switching both tuners to Channel 1020 (Use PIP) and powering off with the Power Switch overnight when possible.

I've noticed one of my UTVs being "slow" once and a while... rebooting and allowing the UTV to do some house keeping overnight seems to help. The UTV website use to recommend "rebooting" every month or so...

If you are willing to blow away and start over in a "like new" condition without upgrading the UTV Hard Drive(s) you can use code 2355 2355 which will delete everything except the UTV OS... It should act much like it would with a "fresh out of the box" install of UTV OS 3.7...

An upgrade to a 120GB or 160GB (137GB used) wouldn't be difficult if you have a "clean" dialup phone line and can connect with MSNTV/WebTV OK. 120/160GB Hard Drives are rather cheap these days so they are well worth the investment. (Even larger drives can be had cheap too... They should work but as a 137GB Drive)
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12357 works like a CHARM! The four year old UTV is working like it's brand new. Thanks!!


If you haven't already read up on the UTV FAQ on this forum... I'd recommend it. There are several other UTV Codes that you may find helpful.

411 is a nice one particularly if you want to avoid the "Home" Screen on power up... and go direct to the current channel. There is a "Special" Menu option you can select to get this mode. 411 also gives you a status of your system's Signal %s and a basic run down of your UTV's specs. It can be helpful in any future troubleshoots.

I'd recommend if you aren't already to consider using Battery Backups (UPS) on your UTVs to avoid brownout/blackouts which UTVs sometimes like to "play dead" afterwards. (Usually can be recovered but it is a pain) Also try and keep your UTVs cool. Elevating them with plastic bottle caps and/or moving them into a more open area to increase air flow can help avoid heat related issues causing the UTV to perform less then 100%.

Glad we could help. Keep us posted on how things turn out and if you ever consider upgrading your UTV hard drives. (REMEMBER TO ALWAYS REMOVE THE ACCESS CARD BEFORE OPENING THE CASE! You should be fine otherwise.)
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