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Speed = more $$$$

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Why is it that the faster the color wheel is the more money you have to pay for a projector? I'm not talking hundreds more, I'm talking thousands! Are the faster motors for these color wheels really that much more?

Here is my dilemma. I have done a lot of lurking through this forum (and a very good one at that) and just when it seems like I have found the right projector for me the rainbows issue comes up. I have a tight budget and would prefer to stay away from LCD (screen door...yuk!). I have not seen a rainbow on the few projectors that have seen (Plus 810, piano,

Infocus 110, Sim 200) but my worry is that I will invite some friends or family members over and they will leave my place with a head ache. I have gone from the NEC 240 to the Sharp m20x to the Infocus x1, all of these projector have good reviews or sound promising but some people see rainbows. I think the companies Like NEC are missing the boat, how hard would it have been to put a 4X or a 5x color wheel in a LT 240!
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i think they have already and it's called the ht1000

from my perspective, rainbows are not an issue UNTIL YOU SEE THEM!!

then you are cursed to always see them, and while not 'painfull" to me they ARE DISTRACTING!!

look b4 you buy!!


If you are that worried about rainbows, hate screendoor, and are on a tight budget, I think you should take a look at the AE300.

There is the Sharp 90u, but you trade off colorwheel speed for resolution. Companies sell these thing for market prices (as I think they should) and a faster colorwheel is something that makes them worth more. There are many cases where putting every last feature into your entry level product will just mean that you never get your non-recurring engineering expenses back or make a profit. Only unintelligent companies go down that road.

Thanks for your insight and recommendations. The contrast ratio on the AE300 and the thought of dead pixels scare me. Every time I read someones review of the HT1000 I begin to wish Canada was an American State. If $5000 US was $5000 Canadian I would be in projector heaven.
I begin to wish Canada was an American State
Heh heh heh... All in good time... :D
I could be out on a limb, but if you speed up the colour wheel....all the electronics would have to be rammped up to switch the DLP chip faster for each colour on the colour wheel per cycle, and the globe would have to not be AC as it would be using and you would see this on a fast colour wheell...

maybe Im barking up the wrong tree....

if you have say a 5 speed colour wheel with say 6 segments the chip has to change say 30 times a second and you put the frame rate timing onto this and ohh heck Im getting confused!

but you see where Im going?

30 times a second is actually very slow. The standard of 1x is 60 cycles per second for a 3 segment wheel. A 5x wheel like the Sharp 9000 has spins at 2.5 times, but has 6 segments for an effective 5x. So, it each of the colors 300 times per second. Now multiply by the number of pixels and you have a lot going on in a short amount of time.

I really have no clue if there is a price difference in the components for Sharp to do 5x vs 3x vs 2x, though. However, the public will pay more for the faster wheels, in general.

Yes yes assimilate us!
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