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A thread not in the 3D forum mentions 3 types of HDMI 1.4 splitters.

No activity there since last year.

The 3 listed splitters are:

monoprice.com product ID 7522

sewelldirect.com part number SW-29203

Rocketfish 2 way splitter Model: RF-G1182| SKU: 1224493 (Best Buy)

In the short term, I want to split the single hdmi output of my HTPC card to 2 outputs. This will supply the signal to two 3D monitors. I wonder if this is even possible. I read that 3D wants two way communication, so the splitter could allow 2 way with one of the monitors, and clone the signal to the other monitor, which should work if the monitor has the same capabilities.

For the longer term, if I buy this splitter, I do not want it to become obsolete, when something better is already available.

Maybe instead of a splitter I will get a better video card that has 2 HDMI outputs, since I was planning on a better card soon for this HTPC.

What should I do?

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Richard- I would go for a good 3D video card. Less of a kludge and you can get one that will have other benefits for your 3D work as well such as GPU processing.

My nvidia 8800 is not state of the art and has two dvi jacks for dual monitors. It works fine for 3D on my vizio passive monitor using a dvi to hdmi adapter.
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