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I have posted this before in the Benq W1070 forum but haven't received any proper solution or explanation yet. I am having problem playing SBS .mkv files on my laptop connected to Benq W1070.

My laptop config is

ASUS Lamborghini VX7SX
Nvidia gtx 560M

I have tried few players including PowerDVD, Total Media Player, Stereoscopic Player and NVIDIA 3D Vision Player but none seems to work. Some one in the forum mentioned that Benq W1070 only supports SBS 3D in 1080i 50hz or 1080i 60hz but I don't see those options with that refresh rate in my settings. To test 3D SBS from a different source I changed my resolution to 1080i and then I played a SBS 3D video on You tube and it looked fine.

If I play my SBS files on laptop and set my resolution to 1080i and then turn on 3D on my projector menu the screen goes fuzzy and if I then set my player to fullscreen it automatically changes the resolution of my projector to 1920 X1080p 60hz (I know because it disaplys on the top left corner).

If I play the same file but keep my resolution to 1920 x 1080p 60 hz, all I get is split screen and if I switch my 3d on I get two fuzzy images.

What else do I need to do to play these 3S movies?

Would really appreciate some help here.

P.S I have installed all the Codecs including FFDecoder and Shark 007
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