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Hey guys I'm setting-up a new home theater system at home and most my searches for stuff end-up directing me to AVSforum I just signed-up.  Anyhow...


I have been controlling my Motorola DCX cable box (DVR) from 2 upstairs bedrooms for some time with no problems.  Each IR receiver is connected to it's own input on the Niles MSU250 with a single-emitter attached from the cable box to the Niles (normal setup).

I will be using irule to control my stuff in the living room (just getting over the initial learning curve with the irule interface and getting psyched).

The question I have is if the irule setup and the Niles are going to cooperate with each other and the best way to go about it.  At this time I don't want to use irule for the bedroom TV's which I know is the obvious solution.  So here are the scenarios I'm thinking about.


1.  Attach 2 emitters to the DVR, 1 going to the Niles controller and 1 going to the global cache for irule.  I can't imagine this won't work, but nobody wants even 1 emitter mounted on a device, let-alone 2.


2.  Attach a single emitter to the DVR, then wye it off with a simple radio shack adapter with one plug going to the Niles and the other going to the global cache.


3.  Use this device http://www.smarthome.com/81202/Xantech-282TPD-Designer-Emitter-With-Twin-Plug/p.aspx   which is a single emitter with 2 plugs, 1 going to the global cache and the other to the Niles but has diodes involved.  Making my own with guidance on where to put diodes, etc is fine.


If I'm using wyes or adapters, will they need to be stereo / mono/ or 3-way plugs ?


Also, I have little confidence in Cox Cable's tech support, but I called and the girl sounded pretty confident that the IR input jack on the back of the box is disabled, which I expected, so I will need an emitter of some kind I assume.

Thanks in advance for any help.  I am going to post this under remotes also, since it's not specifically an irule isse.
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