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Firstly, apologies if this question is in the wrong section, but this seems to be the most appropriate place to post it.

I am trying to get my PS3 (for BluRay and HD DivX), Wii and HD Cable TV connected through my Sony HT-DDW1600 Home Theatre System and then split the output to a Sony 52” 1080 LCD TV and an Epson PowerLite 6100 1080p Projector.

I have the system partially set up but have problems with (a) the limitations of the inputs and outputs on the Sony Home Theatre System, and (b) with splitting the HMDI and Component Video outputs.

Here is the setup:

Rear of Sony HT-DDW1600 Home Theatre System: (Sorry can't get images to display in the post, but you can see image here)

The limitation of the Home Theatre system is that the HDMI inputs do not receive audio, and there is only one HDMI output. Likewise there is only one Component Video output.

The Sony PS3 connects to the HDMI BD-in connection and Audio via thee Digital Optical BD-in connection.

My Cable box only has Component Video Out so that has to connect to the Component Video – DVD-In connection. In order for the Audio to work with this Video connection, the audio has to go from the Cable Box to the Coaxial DVD In connection.

The Wii will connect via the Component Video – Video1-In connection and the audio in to the two Video1 LR Audio-in connections.

So I basically have two HD outputs; the HDMI out, and the Component Video – Monitor-out. These two outputs need to go to the TV which is about 3 feet away and the Projector which is about 20 ft away.

What do I need to do to split the HDMI signal without losing quality? I was thinking of buying a 2-port HDMI 1x2 Powered Splitter Version 1.3; something like this one on Amazon for $48. Will this work for me? http://www.amazon.com/ViewHD-Splitte...6644777&sr=1-2

Will a 25ft HDMI cable suffer from degradation in picture quality to the Projector because of its length? And do I need any specific kind of HDMI cable? I’ve seen the HDMI cables for over $200 in the stores, but I found some for $23 on Amazon, such as this one, but can I really expect a $23 cable to work?: http://www.amazon.com/GTMax-Premium-...6644955&sr=8-1

The component video will carry the Wii (NTSC) and the HD Cable TV video signal to both displays. So, can I use a similar type of amplified splitter for component video? If so, can you recommend a model, because the only ones I can see for sale are over $200. And will a 25 ft component cable suffer from degradation in quality to the Projector?

Basically, the set-up will look something like my badly-drawn diagram below: (See image at URL below)

Is this the correct set-up, or should I be doing something completely different? Before I go out and purchase all the cables and splitters I want to know that it will work!

Any help or advice would be most appreciated.


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I've got a similar issue with my new setup. I ordered a HDMI splitter from Sewell Direct. It was ~30 bucks with a patch HDMI cable. As for the type of cable to use, Monoprice has the best prices on cables. The only think I'd look for is if you need to run the cable inside the wall, you'll need a different cable.

I'm still trying to figure out the component splitting. There are some cheap y adapters that I'm looking to see how well they work before I buy one.


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To much going on right now for a long post but look at this it should do exactly what you want


How are you going to get sound to your display if your receiver doesn't pass audio through HDMI? Do you have speakers in those rooms and you are running sound through the amplifier of the receiver and then speaker wire or how does that setup look?

25ft HDMI cable should be no issue by a thicker cable than normal
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