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Onkyo TX-NR901

Toshiba DVD player

Panasonic Projector


XBox 360

Logitech 890 with RF Extender

First floor Family room --

7.1 Speaker Connections

HDMI Connector on Ceiling for Projector

Component Connection (RGB)

RCA connection (R/W)

HDMI Connection

Remote Control

Basement --

Onkyo Receiver

DVD Player

HMDI Matrix Switch

Component to HDMI Converter

1 HDMI output from basment to First Floor Family Room

1 HDMI Input from First Floor Family room to basement

All Speaker wires and audio video cables form First Floor Family Room Terminate here.

RF Extender

I have searched and searched and cannot find my scenario. I have put my Projector in the family room on the first floor and run a HDMI cable to it from my devices in the basement. I have a Wii and we just purchased the XBox for my kids for Christmas. I have run Component, RCA, Speaker, Subwoofer and HDMI to the wall underneath the 103"screen. All that cable goes to the basement as well. I have an Onkyo TX-NR901 Receiver. I have purchase a 4x2 Matrix HDMI switch to run the video from all my devices to the Projector. I have also purchased a Component to HDMI converter to have the Wii displayed on my projector, with the sound going directly into my receiver. Well, here is the dilemma....

I want to connect the XBox to the HDMI cable I just ran fromm the family room to the basement so I can view the video on the projector and the sound through my receiver. My receiver does NOT do HDMI. But it does Digital and Analog audio. Please don't criticize that I would be downgrading the signal if I convert, because I don't care if it is not perfect, but what I would like to do, is find something that I can convert the HDMI to HDMI/Audio (something that would give me a HDMI input and an HDMI to connect to my projector AND Audio Output to connect to my receiver)

So if anyone has any ideas, please throw them my way. I thought I had it all mapped out, therefore running the cables that I did. But after I ran everything to the basement and started connecting everything, I had a "DOH" moment forgetting about the combined video and audio of HDMI. Please help!

You all are great, love this site.

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