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Sports Bar, Movie Theater, Night Club All in One

By Arlen Schweiger
Basement puts the multi in multipurpose, with a sports video wall and 130-inch screen home theater as the spotlights.

Located down in the basement of this home is a little something for everyone. Actually, make that a lot something for everyone. It looks like it's just for billiards and home theater, but this large room is set up for much moretheater, billiards, bar, disco, karaoke and sports video wall.

It's the brainchild of custom electronics pro Diem Digital Interiors in Carrollton, Texasyou know, where everything is bigger to begin with.

The billiards room is every sport fan's dream, says Diem Digital Interiors' Mike Metzler. With a Control4 video wall you can watch three games at the same time. The video wall is three separate plasmas placed side-by-side with sound coming from the center plasma. If you miss the end of an amazing play on one of the side TVs, just press a single button on the touch screen and it will swap the side image with the center image and rewind it 30 seconds allowing you to catch all the action including the sound.

The plasmas are of the Panasonic variety, but if you turn around the room has an even bigger video surprisea 130-inch Screen Innovations screen that's fed by a 1080p SIM2 projector.

Surround-sound comes via a Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.2 speaker system, with a Denon receiver and B&K Reference amplifier.

And while sports are fun to watch in every corner of this room, they're not for everyone, so a Sony Blu-ray player serves up the latest movies. Sports and movies are just the beginning though, so Diem outfitted this space as not only a sports bar and movie theater, but a true night club atmosphere.

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