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This post rehashes lots of others, but I'm hoping to put some simple info in one place that was otherwise a little confusing and contradictory.

I get MLB Extra Innings (lots and lots of baseball) and was really unhappy when I set up a theme to record all games with a specific team (which are on at all different times, of course), and I discovered that show padding was unavailable for a theme-based show, and the games frequently went beyond their three-hour time slot.

Fortunately, I'd remembered reading about SportsGuard here, so I turned it on, set the padding, and lo and behold it worked. Now I'm really happy. Contrary to many posts I've read, this means that show padding in the 4000 and later models does NOT make SportsGuard obsolete, since there's no other way to pad a theme-based channel.

I realize this is old hat for some, but I did the following:

from watching live TV, entered 2-4-3-Zones

entered the Claw Foot Portal (empty field in lower left)

typed in SPORTSGUARD ON and pressed Select

pressed Exit and went to Setup in the Menu

chose Default Record Options, and found the new SportsGuard setting

It works. Cool. I have discovered that even if the sports theme channel is guaranteed, another guaranteed show will still take precedence over the SportsGuard padding -- that is, if a game begins at 4 PM and is three hours longs, and the SportsGuard is set to 30 minutes, and another guaranteed show begins at 7 PM, it will begin recording that guaranteed show rather than padding the game. I haven't experiemented with what happens when shows are non-guaranteed.

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