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This is what will hopefully develop into a useful and informative thread. What I propose to do is create and maintain a dynamic and living spreadsheet showing, as rows, the different technologies for AV distribution and within each technology, the different products. Within the products, as columns, I want to have all the information we would want. The features. This includes but is not limited to: Cost, DIY vs CI, cabling, degree of difficulty or end user time requirement for DIY products, pros, cons, control, reliability, complexity, service/support, etc.

My contribution will simply be to create the spreadsheet and edit it as others recommend.

And you "others" know who you are.

I will actually contribute close to nothing to the content. My commitment is to stay in touch with the thread and keep the info fresh.

So, if there is interest, ...

First let me reiterate that this is not meant to be mine. It's yours. Nothing is in stone. I speak of a 'spreadsheet', but that isn't what it has to be. It can just be more like a book with sections (for technologies), chapters (for products within a technology and chapters comparing technologies in general) and a bullet list for features of individual products. IMO, the key is the features, and the one thing I hope we can agree on is to make the feature lists the same for each product. That way, comparisons will be easier.

The title says "AV distribution", and I don't know if it should be limited to that. At the very least maybe there should be a 'feature' that tells what other home automation capabilities a product has. You tell me.

So the decisions to be made are:
  1. The format: Spreadsheet or "book"?
  2. AV distribution only?
  3. Names for the sections or technologies. For example, IP distribution, baluns over catx (maybe those aren't even good names for the technologies. You tell me.)

Later we can start to populate the technologies with products, and at that time we'll need to develop the features list.

So have at it with regards to everything. Format, content, organization. No limits. Even tell me that 'tags' to put in (if they can be put in after this.)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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