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Spy Kids looks Awesome! Why can't every DVD look like that?

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The contrast is perfect, black leves is deep, color saturation is very vivid and yet never over done...in a word Perfect! I nver thought my LCD (Sonyw400q) could deliver such deep blacks and the saturation makes the color jump out of the screen while skin color remains right on the money.

My new reference DVD for sure.
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Were you watching the same movie??? It wasn't bad but far from the best. To much edge enhancement. Bravehaeart or Gladiator is much better.
I wasn't looking for EE as I am able to "not see it" except in really bad cases like SWTPM. AS for Gladiator, I don't think its even close to matching Spy Kids in PQ. Braveheart I haven't seen on DVD yet so can't comment.
Luis Gabriel Gerena-

Dont let anyone else's EE slam hinder your enjoyment of that film or anyone film. If it looks great on your setup- well then thats awesome.
Is Spy Kids appropriate for 5-year olds? Thanks.
Hi Jeffery,

When our friends last came by their 4 and 6 year old girls got a real kick out of "Spy Kids" and for some reason the woman didn't mind watching it because of some Antonio chap.

Talking of Mr. Banderas, anyone seen "13th Warrior" ? Highly under rated movie. I think I've watched it more than any other since I got my theater setup ...
Originally posted by Jeffrey
Is Spy Kids appropriate for 5-year olds? Thanks.
Definitely. The violence is cartoonish at worst.
Good movie, good transfer; albeit not reference quality because of EE. Every movie should look better than this--they should all look like The Pledge.
"The Pledge"!? Thats a joke right?
Since a Special Edition of Spy Kids is already in the works, I decided to just rent this one. The story is good and the DVD has a pleasing picture. However, this isn't quite reference quality. The amount of edge enhancement can be downright distracting at times, and thus keeps this from being "reference quality".

If you want reference quality, take a look at the Superbit version of The Fifth Element.:)
Nope, no joke--The Pledge has probably the best video transfer I've seen--and I own more than 700 DVD's.

DMan: SuperBit TFE is pretty good except for the occasionally distracting minor EE, but nowhere near as bad as Spy Kids. Spy Kids has what I call a "digital gauze" over the picture. ;)
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