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I thought I would post here now that the issue has been resolved. I tried searching existing threads to see if I was posting something that has been covered hundreds of times already.

I have a Niveus ProSeries n7 which has the Xonar D2 card, it is connected analog to a Crestron Pad8a which goes to a Niles SI-1200 that distributes the analog audio to all the rooms in the house.

I had this terrible squeaking noise coming from the Xonar, sounded like a hamster wheel or something. It was more noticeable at high volume. Even if I muted the output within windows the noise continued. If I shut down the PC the noise continued. Right now all of you are saying, it's a ground issue, mrcaseyb you moron. Of course it took me an hour or more to come to this conclusion.

Because the Niveus, Crestron Pad8a and amp are all going to the same Panamax unit, I didn't think there would be a ground issue.

In a related thread about PC noise level I saw someone suggest the culprit may be a USB connected device. Sure enough I disconnected one of the USB connected devices and the problem immediately went away.

This may be HTPC 101 but somehow I did not realize that USB connected devices can cause this sort of problem.
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