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Pushing 80 now, and it is a bit hard to keep up with all the TV changes.
Might I ask, please:

Have had good luck with LG in the past, so will probably want to go with them again, but not necessarily if
there are "better" options.

Due to eye problems, 32 inches is as large as I can go.
Want 1080.
The "Smart" versions are fine, but I do NOT want one with 3d capability.

a. What are the model number for the new 2015 LG models ?
e.g. how does one tell the 2014 from the new 2015 ?
Might as well go for the latest.

b. Samsung in 1080, 32" apparently only has one model, and it is also 3d which I do not want.

c. Any 1080 besides LG that you might recommend that is also 32", 1080 and a 2015 ?

Much thanks.
Appreciate the help.
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