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I have recently put in a new theater system that will be outputting only 5.1 to an Optoma HD70 Projector from a connected Mac Mini. From all of the reading that I have done here and Onkyo is the way to go. The only real reason I am upgrading my receiver is because my current one will not do DTS, not to mention it only does Dolby Pro Logic (the first iteration of it). I am torn between the SR506 and the SR606. I can get the 506 for about $160 and the 606 for about $380. I am not planning on running any audio over HDMI as I am using a computer. My current receiver does 80 watts per channel and I know the 505 only does 75 per channel, but I am not really sure if it is worth the extra price.

Front Speakers-Polk R50

Center-Polk Csi3

Rears and sub are from an old HTIB
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