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SR7012 vs SR6013 for this setup?

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RP280FA | 450c | 500SA surrounds
I don’t plan to play my system beyond around reference level, probably a bit below that much of the time.

Viewing area room is 13’x17’, with open plan where backwall becomes dining kitchen (so maybe double the size if you count that).

$999 Sr7012 (1 year warranty) vs $750 Sr6013 (3 year warranty – 1mfr + 2cps)

  • 7012 has more power, Auro3D, bass sync
  • 6013 has IMAX enhanced format, web control.

Driving Klipsch RP series, 5.1.2 today, 5.1.4 someday, 7.2.4 more distant someday (though it sounds like to bump to 7.2.4 I’d have to add another amp or something anyway?).

The $250 matters, so if I will not see much gain, I’d rather save it. However I have heard mixed things about the Klipsch, that yes it runs efficiently on fumes, but others say efficiency is overstated and that it will certainly get better dynamics at higher volumes with more power. If the extra wattage of the Marantz will serve me better in the long run, it would be good to know.

The Denon x4400H can also frequently be found for $750 if I opted for power, but then I'd lose some of the Marantz sound/features. The 7012 for $999 may be the best of both... or a waste of $$ / total overkill.

Thanks :)
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15 watts is negligible at that point and unless you're listening at ear-splitting levels you're not likely to ever need more that 10-20 watts for those speakers. Unless the Marantz has some deal-breaking feature you won't see any different between that and the Denon, so just get the cheapest one that you like the look of.
Longest guarantee is the best, you will be safe till you decide to upgrade. Denon 4400 or Marantz 6013 differ for the musicality tune (that you find in the Marantz) and for the preouts (also found only in the Marantz).Denon will have Auro3D codec/Auromatic upsampler that the 6013 laks.
@filmguy123 the sr7012, x4400/4500 have zone 2/3 preouts, the sr6013 doesn't. If memory serves the sr6012/6013 and cousin Denon x3400/3500 are very similar with the exception of 7.1 pre-ins, 9 channels and hdam circuits. The x4400/4500 and sr7012 are a step up. Now, will you hear the difference, I doubt it but everyone is different.

They are all good receivers, get the one with the features you want! FYI, the x4500 got HT receiver of the year under $1500 in 2018, if you like the denon sound and heos wireless system.
I'm not sure if I like the denon vs marantz sound, i'd just want whatever gives the most balanced sound with the Klipsch speakers. It's probably negligble.

Given no extra power needs, then, it seems like the SR6013 is the best fit for $750 for a 3 year warranty. Unless you think I should prioritize getting Auro3D for home theater stuff here in the USA, I will go with Marantz. It seems I get pointed that way slightly more for a good Klipsch pairing.

But I get the sense it is very much splitting hairs ;) That would make the 3 year warranty preferrable.

The other option is pay $900 for the new Marantz 6013 from Crutchfield, instead of $750 from A4L refurb. Crutchfield has a 60 day price match on it, so I could also buy it October 1st and ride it out through Black Friday for a deal match?
@filmguy123 yea klipsch are known to be on the bright side but easy to drive so the warmer marantz might make a great combo? Also, 3 yr warranty is very nice to have.

Auro3d is new and has very few movies at this point, plus it requires a minimum of 9 channels, which you do not have, so enjoy the 6013!
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