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SS SM MM ***...how about the GB or PX

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I have an Espon 800p pj. It's great I love it. However I am trading in for an Infocus SP 5000 soon. Anyway let me tell you what I have been using for the last 2.5 years for a screen.

I had done some research at the time (before I got on this site) and found those who could not afford Goo were using some different mixtures of white with and without *** type paints.

What I experimented with and decided on was 3 parts eggshell pure white, 1 part semi-gloss pure white and 21 grams of pearlwhite Pearl-Ex flake ( PX ). I then took more of the flake and rubbed it on with my hand all over the screen while the paint was still a little tacky. What resulted was a reflective finish that isn't shiney (hotspotty).

I have pics at:

Since I will be getting a 16:9er soon I am gonna make a new screen. I would love to have the cash for a glass bead screen such as a Da-Lite or Firehawk but since this is a DIY section...

Anyway i found a product: GB

I would love to hear some feedback on what everyone thinks. Its main application seems to be road paint.

I am not sure if its viable so I might be just using Pearl-Ex again since I have had such good results. My tentative plan is here .
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