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Sshould I trade my 30 inch Sony tube for RPTV?

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I got the $999 Sony 30 inch widescreen HDTV 2 weeks ago for my 110 sq ft. bedroom in NY (roomate uses living room for his 19 inch tv). Anyways, I was watching Gladiator last night and it just didn't feel very cinematic on a 30 inch (I have 5.1 HT too).

So I looked at a 46 inch Toshiba rear projection ($1329) and Sony 51 inch rear projection ($1599). Both looked good.

Any pitfalls with PQ of rear projection? Viewing angle doesn't bother me because I am in my bedroom. I sit 7 feet away from tv. Thanks.
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7 feet away? Yea, I would trade up. 30" inches are for kids rooms and kitchens :)

(course I currently have a 36" :( )
Direct view sets have a lot of advantages including higher brightness. For me a 46" RPTV in a 110 sq ft bedroom would be overpowering. The Sony TV got the top rating from Consumer Reports.
I have a 43" hitachi in a room that is 12 x 12 and it is a good fit IMHO

anything larger will overwhelm the room. There are some 42" 16 x 9 sets

that should fit your bill.
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