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Many reviewers are making statements like this one from 'Digital Bits; Bill Hunt;".. Never mind that half of the impact of the cliffhanger came from the fact that you had to wait a whole summer to find out what happened next – something that’s naturally diminished by a movie edit.."

I feel that to give the impact of the moment that CBS/Parmount should of used the old movie trick of an "Intermission Break" which used the "Trek" theme music playing and with the on screen option that displays the ST:TNG Logo and the text under it that reads.. "PRESS RED BUTTON TO FIRE" on the remote to skip the "Intermission" and if the button is not pressed the program would continue after say a 3 minute pause for the "Intermission Break".

Also the viewer could always just hit their pause button while watching this also, since the "Intermission Break" was not added to the disc.

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