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When I am watching cable TV, the show (video + audio) periodically stalls. I get a frozen frame and dropped audio. It pops back to normal usually in 10 seconds or so. But, this happens too often .... every minute or so.

Any ideas on this?

I have a Marantz S4001 AVR. It gets HDMI from my comcast digital cable box.

I use the AVR to switch the video/audio to the TV. The TV takes it in as HDMI. It is a Sony KDF-50E3000.

This is driving me nuts!

I bough the TV new in December and I bought the Marantz as a refurb, mail-order just before Christmas.

I suspect the Marantz AVR since, it's remote ctrl seems flaky.

Any helpful ideas would be great.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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