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Stalth Projector -Hide in coffee table?

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Hi All,

A few weeks ago somebody posted a photo of a 'kinda neat coffee table which would allow one to hide (and protect) the projector when not in use.

It was nice but not quite a match for my decor.

http://www.everythingfurniture.com/a...l-table-1.html is closer to my needs but, the glass top doesn't work for me.

It does provoke a question, however, how high off-the-floor would the projector have to be? Is there a calculator? (i.e. would something like this be too low")

FYI: I curremtly project from a table top about 21" high. My 60" by 80" screen hangs from my (86") ceiling with the bottom edge of the screen 33" from the floor. It currently works FINE!

TIA, Jim
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The projector calculator at projectorcentral is usually pretty accurate for figuring out offset/image shift. Most combo business/ht projectors have built in offsets for tabletop projection which can cause issues when ceiling mounting but are ideal for coffee table projection. Some newer pjs have an image shift function which allows a lot of flexibility for mounting it low in a table.

Depends on the off set of the projector your using, and if it also has a vertical lens shift capability. Two options to consider, are the SANYO Z3, or the SONY HS51. Both have similar off set and vertical lens shift. I currently throw up to a 96" wide picture (16/9) with the SANYO Z3 mounted on a custom stand, that lifts the projector apprx 8" off the floor. The projector and stand , sit below a custom granite coffee table. Screen bottom is 29" off the floor. Total size of this screen is 96" x 54". Hope this helps.

I use this:


My PJ (AE700, Sony W400Q previously) is on the lower shelf of this Mission-style side table, projecting from 12' to a 102" screen. Works great - as long as your PJ has keystoning adjustment. (I have all Mission-style furniture in the dedicated HT, so this was a perfect match.)
A few more things to consider here.

First, Do you have kids?

Because I was thinking something similar until I thought about placing it in the reach of little hands.

Second, keystoning was mentioned. Don't use keystoning. Your projector should always be mounted level, and lens shift used to position the picture. This is why all home theater projectors should have lens shift and shame on the manufacturers not including this. A projector should never be the boss of where it will be placed.

Finally, I mounted inside the back wall. Don't overlook this if you have the option. Yes it sticks out on a shelf in the adjacent room, but its my home office and completely out of the way 7 feet up. Plus all cables including power were routed directly next to the shelf with clean terminaion wallplates. Totally out of kids reach, almost unnoticable in theater room, and barely intrusive in the office.
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