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Standard 2k Blu-ray Software Deals

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Went through the list of topics here, and didn't see a general one for deals on regular 2k Blu-rays. So thought I'd start one to go with the UHD deals topic... Seems only fair. :)
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Underwater with Kristen Stewart and the Star Wars movies are currently only ~$14 from several vendors including BB.
Some other recent deals I've run across in the horror and SF genres...

Don't know if it's any good, but I dropped by Wallies yesterday, and found a couple copies of The Color Out of Space with Nicholas Cage on Blu-ray in the $5 bin (after a bit of digging around). The price on their website is higher though.

The Biglots near me also still has BDs of The Shallows, and the unrated Hansel & Gretel: Witchhunters for the same price. They had some copies of Life as well for quite awhile, but those seem to be mostly gone. And they still have one or two copies of the lower budget, but decent alien invasion sequel flick Beyond Skyline for $3. And a number of copies of the third (or 4th?) Cloverfield movie, The Cloverfield Paradox (which I haven't seen, and therefore can't recommend), for $5.

I streamed a bit of The Shallows on the web, and decided I didn't need that in my BD collection. And have seen Hansel & Gretel a couple times. And as witchhunter movies go, I think it's probably a little better than the recent Vin Diesel flick. The violence in it is a bit over-the-top though. So I wouldn't suggest it for younger or less mature viewers.
Love & Monsters is also currently around $13.50 from a couple different vendors. I got this yesterday from Best Buy, using a pricematch and $10 in BB certificates, which reduced my net cost to about $3.50+tax... But haven't watched it yet. Most of the reviews I've heard have been decent though. And it looks like it has some fairly good potential.

I'm out of certificates now, and still tryin to decide whether to bite on Underwater with K. Stewart for $14, and whether to get Empire Strikes Back on BD for the same price or on UHD for $18, before all those potentially go back up again.
Monster Hunter with Milla J and Tony Jaa is currently $17 at BB and Aamazon. This was pretty fun. But likely a one or two time view for most, I expect, except maybe some fans of the game, or diehard Milla fans. So that's still a little steep imo for the 2k version.
The 2k Love & Monsters has been at $11 at BB for a couple weeks. The SW movies went back up though (as I suspected they would).
Love & Monsters is at $10 now, I believe. Excellent movie btw. Though it's not really that scary. And a bit more family-friendly.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (40th Anniversary Edition) is also $1 off regular price. :p I had a couple certificates though, so decided to get it since I don't currently have another version on disc.

Underwater is back at $20 again.
BB has had some fairly good deals lately on Disney's animated Beauty & the Beast 25th anniversary edition, Monster Hunter, Raiders 40th anniversary edition, and a few other things. Can't quite remember em all at the moment.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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