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Got some questions for those who know what they are doing.

According to TitanTV it looks like I'm in a RED zone for reception. Much of this may be due to the large water tower between me and the broadcast towers.

I tried a smaller VHF/UHF mounted in attic and had some problems with reception on digital channels.

Retunred that and picked up the UHF only model at Radio Shack for $40.

My question's are...

How will I combine the UHF with a VHF antenna?

Where will I get a VHF only antenna?

Can I combine a large VHF/UHF antenna with UHF only antenna?

Radio Shack has the VU-190XR on sale for $50. I might buy it and run my standard def tv's with it, then run the UHF only dedicated to my HDTV.

If I run each antenna seperately, one for standard tv's and uhf for HDTV, how far apart do the antenn's need to be in the attic?

Radio Shack

VU-190XR: VHF/UHF 160"

U-120XR: UHF 100"

It looks to me like running the two antenna's seperate may be ideal. I don't have the large VHF/UHF antenna yet. It may be do fine on it's own and warrant return of the UHF antenna?

What do you think?


Steven Benson

Minnesota Home Theater User Group (MNHTUG)
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