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I just got a sony kdl40v5100 and we have standard def cable. It looks like udder ****. Now I'm asking myself why the **** I even got this tv in the first place, since I won't be getting hd anytime soon. Its not because it's bigger because I can see its all fuzzed over on every channel and I don't get channels 2-5 completely and 6 is just black and white fuzz.

I won't be getting HD TV.

What is my best bet here, are there lcds, or any good tvs that display SD that isn't crap? Is there a setting on the TV I am missing or is there anything I can get to make the picture watchable?

Again I won't be getting HD.

And I also won't be getting HD.

Oh and I think I forgot to note that I won't be getting HD.



PS. I researched alot about sd on an lcd and found there to be talk of a bit of reduction in quality but never read anything about anyone saying how dramatic it is. No where did I see that it was going to be this bad.
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