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Standard definition on Mitsubishi WS-65517 question.

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I recently purchased a Mitsubishi WS-65517 65" HD-RPTV and I truly love the quality from HD cable channels (I have Cox), and from DVD's, but I am less than excited about the image from Standard Definition channels.

Having had a 55" Pioneer RPTV for about 10 years (standard def. only), the Pioneer is superior on standard by quite a bit. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

I am using the HDMI output from the digital cable box to the TV. This produces a breathtaking image from HD channels.

For my DVD recorder, I am using the S-Video output from the cable box, and using component outputs from the DVD recorder/player to the TV. The standard def. channels look better (a bit) running through the DVD recorder/player to Component 1 input on the TV, but either way, they look less sharp than on the old Pioneer, and of course the old Pioneer makes a larger picture from standard def. No bars on the sides.

With either output, there seems to be no way to adjust the sharpness, or do any edge enhancement to increase the appearance of sharpness from standard def. channels, and on the old Pioneer there are plenty of options.

What can I do? I need to rid myself of the old Pioneer, but dang the standard def picture looks so good, and I watch a lot of old movies.

Gene McCluney
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I suggest you try the component in to your TV from your STB. The picture is way better than DVI on my set and you'll get all the picture controls back. I also hope you have taken off the protective screen. You could need a calibration also. Congratulations on your choice of TVs.
I have taken off the plastic screen shield. I get all the adjustments that the TV seems to have, such as brightness, contrast, tint, saturation, etc., no matter what input. The picture is not mis-converged or out-of-focus, it is just not as good on standard definition material as my old Pioneer 55 inch std def. set. frustrating.

The new TV is BETTER on commercial DVD (through component), and HD, through HDMI is of course superb. It is just over the cable standard def, from either component or HDMI is just not as good as the old Pioneer.
See if there's a 480i/p mode versus the upscaling mode typically used for 1080i CRT RPTVs. Simply deinterlacing 480i (SD) doesn't emphasize cable-signal noise, etc. as much as upscaling 480i to 540p, 960i, etc. Analog-only SD cable signals seem to appear worse than SD delivered digitally. Some cable systems have a mix of SD delivered both digitally (cable's QAM) and as NTSC (analog). Other systems deliver all channels digitally, but retain some analog delivery.

A direct connection to the Mit's NTSC tuner, through a 1-GHz splitter, might provide better SD for the non-scrambled channels. Here, via Time Warner Cable, used to view SD via S-video because older converters only put out poorly upconverted (1080i) SD, even though it was all digitally delivered. The newer SA8300HD does a much better 1080i upconversion, so now I view everything via 1080i YPbPr. Separate picture controls handle SD and HD. My CRT RPTV doesn't take DVI/HDMI, and many report seeing equal PQ from component versus digital STB outputs, or worse images with DVI/HDMI, which is more suitable for all-digital displays such as plasmas, DLPs, and some LCoS. -- John
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