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i need a recommendation for a vhs/dvd combo player only. i dont intend to record my vhs tapes, i just want something that will play them and dvds.

i am using a very old projection tv for this and it has no hdmi, just s video and the red white yellow analog.

i would like one with s video connection on it but would settle for analog. i want to use the tv speakers, no surround sound.

i cant seem to find anything out there except vhs to dvd recorders and they are more than i want to spend.

i tried a vhs to dvd recorder from costco and the recorded vhs to dvd movies did not work on other players even though the player manual said it could with copywrited documentaries/movies.

anything basic and cheap out there? id even settle for something with no remote.

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I came here specifically to mention the Panasonic DMP-BD70v. In my opinion you'd be nuts to pass up a hi-def combo unit at the $150 price point. I realize you may not be able to utilize the Blu-ray portion at the moment but future-proofing yourself for just a couple of bucks more isn't necessarily a crazy idea.
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