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Hello everyone, media streamers and media players are becoming more and more popular but as most of you know, there are entry level products that most start out with, but as we all mature in this area we start to see things that are missing in boxes and end up upgrading until we find the product that has the features we want. What I'm getting at, as someone first getting into media players may not know anything about forced subtitles or multi-branched Blu-ray Iso or what ISO's even are they are just happy to play that MKV file or watch a online streaming service. For the people that want seamless experience with their media player the little things are some of the biggest things

So, I am purposing 2 things, as a community we devise a standard of testing and come up with the acid test of media(codecs, formats, etc...) that all of us could use to test our own equipment and give reviews that will satisfy the entry level person all the way to people looking for the Gold Standard of players. Doing this might help with manufactures seeing their issues and seeing the test material so they can possibly fix things.

Here is an example of what I mean, I will use my Dune Smart and since I am a BR-Iso person, I will only touch on what would be the ISO section of the test.

Dune Smart HD
Blu-ray Iso test:
Full Menu support: No, not all menus work, recommend Main movie iso's
Full Dolby pass through support (AC-3, DD+, Dolby True HD, Atmos): Yes (atmos unknown)
Full DTS pass Through Support (DTS core, DTS MA): Yes
Force subtitle support: yes
Multi-branched disk structure playback: yes
Chapter support: yes

We could even list the files to test the above conclusion
Test media: Iso
Forced Subtitles: Avatar-(0:11:08), The avengers- (0:12:12), Die Hard 5-(0:01:19)
Multi-branched disk structure: Star Wars movies, Underworld Awakening, Total recall (2012)

List started on forced subtitles

This is a very simple example as there are way more things that would be need to be added but I hope everyone gets the idea. For things like MKV's, there are thousands of variation of compression's and audio/subtitles but if a player can play a uncompressed MKV with chapters, DTS 7.1 master with subtitles and chapters it can play pretty much any variation in between.
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