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"Standing in the Shadows of Motown" DVD to include Higher Resolution!!!

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Courtesy of Joel Silver and the Imaging Science Foundation:

"ISF news - April 11, 2003, Boca Raton, FL . Artisan Entertainment sets a DVD milestone with the first consumer higher resolution DVD release. "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" contains first rate video concert footage on a traditional MPEG2 DVD, and Artisan's release includes a DVD-ROM with a "Windows Media Video 9" version of the movie presented at 1024 x 576. That does not reflect limitations of the format, that simply is what is on this release. These discs also have something rare in reference discs - content! The music and the story line are heart warming. If you are not moving in your seat, you have no pulse. With our small voice, we join Microsoft and Artisan entertainment in applauding the Funk Brothers! Buy this disc!"

For DVD-ROM viewing we use video cards of NVIDIA 4800 equivalent or better, and we reviewed this with a 3.2Ghz CPU Media Center Edition PC."
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Ron Epstien of HTF did a review on this title...I don't recall him mentioning this, I'll check again.
There's a thread in the Home Theater Computers section on T-2 that also talks about Motown:


It seems that you really need bleeding edge components to properly view these babies.
Another big plus of this DVD is the inclusion of all three new BMW films. Not bad!!!
Kris, will the BMW films be in WM9 or just regular resolution

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