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Star wars The Phantom Menace

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Anybody else take part of the day off just to buy a movie? Not that I need a reason to hang up the tools. PJs a warmin up as we speek for a touch up on the conv. prior to the big show. Yesterday I got the word to go down to the local software store where I was on a list for Nintendo Game cube package deal pre-buy ($450.00)? Significant other is hooked.

Chip S.:) :( :rolleyes:
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Nope, didn't have to take ff work. I was at the store at 6:30am. the guy at Wal Mart told me 2 people were there at midnight, and I was the third. I took off part of my personal time...which is worse?
Bought it as soon as Costco opened this morning. $18.99+ tax (US). Someone at Costco accidentally put the Final Fantasy DVD's out too. However when the Final Fantasy DVD was scanned the cashier called a manager over, and they informed us that the DVD wasn't supposed to be for sale for another week and they couldn't sell it.

The Episode 1 looks great. I Previewed it shortly... the only thing I noticed off hand was the presence of too much edge enhancement as usual. I just don't understand why the layman believes that edge enhancement looks good! Quite frustrating.

no, i rented it for $3.90. just finished watching it. taking it back tommorow, don't need to see it again. Missed no work or sleep.
I pciked it up during my lunch hour @ best buy. 17.99+tax. I almost picked up cat's and dogs but it was only avail in Full screen :p yucky. So I picked up Suberbits DVDs The fifth element, Air force one , and desperado :D
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