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Well it's started again...

Phase II of the theater construction. It all started with the purchase of the electronic hardware approx 1-1/2 years ago, which I might add was a considerable investment.

The room was a dedicated formal dining room approx 17' x 14' with a large opening to the rest of the house.

The electronic hardware is as follows:

Pioneer elite AVR

Pioneer eleite Blu Ray

UPS / Power conditioner

Epson 1080 UB

116" screen

B&W 801 front and center

B&W Sig 8NT rear sournd

B&W CCM 808 Rear Ceiling

and a SVS PB-13 Sub (Which is unbelievable!!!)

Harmony 1000

Apple TV

I've started constructing the sound panels that are contructed from 2" 3lb desity fiberglass two layers of 3/4" batting over them and finished with fabric that matched the drapes. They are a wood box in a box construction and painted with SW black bean paint. 4 panels approx 3'-6" wide x 7'-0" tall, and 6 panels 1'-6" x 7'-0" tall. The panels will also hide the rear B&W sig speakers and also house 6 wall sconces.

Celing paint is SW craft paper which is a medium to dark brown, the wall paint is a PPG product and is "Theater Red" although PPG does not all it that.

I know this is not a Theater as nice as some I've seen here or constructed using major sound / isolation construction techiques, but it is going to be a very nice space that is also very good looking from a interior design stand point.

Phase III will start probably a year from now with the installation of a door to seperate it from the rest of the house and front cabinets to house the front speakers and the huge SVS sub...

Phase IV with be the purchase of theater seating and very nice dark matching carpet.

Well thats about it for the time being. I'm really excited to see how much the sound panels improve the sound and my wifey can't wait to see how nice they look on the walls...

Just a note on the PPG paint, I can tell you this new PPG paint has a tremedous amount of pigment in the paint. I've always used Sherwin Williams, but this paint was recomended by a very good interior designer that has been doing alot of theater rooms in high end new and remodel houses. This paint is unbelievable...
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