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I am interested in getting an amplifier/receiver with a couple of speakers for my record player. My current setup is a phono preamp connected to cheap speakers. I have only recently been introduced to the wonderful world of records, having gotten a few dozen from my dad (which he wanted to throw in the bin).

I am open for any recommendations. Some info on my preferences:

* low to medium budget

* apt. suited, keeping in mind one might move into a larger house.

* stereo

* music taste: rock, jazz, blues.

* style: vintage, currently my taste goes out to either a Beomaster 2000 (1974), a Yamaha CA-810 or a Marantz 1060 style amplifier.

I only wish to listen to music calmly in relaxing chair, smoke my pipe and drink some bourbon. So nothing loud or overly professional

I'm looking at a 100-ish W amplifier, with possibly 50 - 75 W speakers. It is my understanding that one needs an amp that can produce twice as much power as the speakers, give or take 20%, so one avoids clipping and thus damaging the speakers.

What would you recommend for such a starter setup?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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